Reclaiming the Classroom

With increasing pressure to conform to state mandates and drive test scores, today’s K-12 educators may feel like they have little control in their own classrooms. But, despite all the inaccurate and negative rhetoric about teachers in America, there is still a way to change the trajectory of K-12 education.

Reclaiming the Classroom traces society’s journey from trust to fear around education in general and teachers in particular, and offers a road back to professionalism, autonomy, and respect.

“Goble presents the case for teachers taking back their professional real estate—the classroom. He proposes actionable ideas for teachers to improve their own effectiveness and for principals to more fully support their work. If you’re an educator, this book is for you.”

News & Media

In the Reclaiming the Classroom podcast series, former classroom teacher and education advocate Trenton Goble sits down with K-12 teachers, administrators, and thought leaders to tackle the toughest challenges facing public education today.

Meet the Author

Trenton Goble is a 20-year veteran of public education, a tech entrepreneur, and education advocate. Read Bio