Trenton Goble

Inspired by the work of his own K-12 teachers, Trenton Goble spent a twenty-years careerĀ in public schools. He taught several grade levels, served as an assistant principal, and was an elementary school principal for eleven years. As an administrator, he won numerous awards for innovation and educational excellence, including Rookie Principal of the Year and Principal Innovator of the Year.

In 2009 Trenton co-founded MasteryConnect, a mastery learning platform designed to help K-12 educators measure student growth against any set of standards. In 2012 he left his position as a principal to become the MasteryConnect Chief Learning Officer. In this role, he remains a passionate advocate for American educators, traveling the country helping schools and districts implement mastery learning.

Trenton married his high school sweetheart, Amy, who is now a history teacher. They live in Salt Lake City with their two children, Elliott and Maggie. He holds an M.Ed in Instructional Technology from Utah State University.