With the change in modern trends, beauty standards are changing as well. Prior, people appreciated clear skin; now, freckles on the face look better and impressive. People naturally having freckles don’t really embrace having on before, but now they feel blessed where people are creating fake freckles.

There are different beauty standards that you need to be considerate regarding, and freckles are one of them. We are here looking at ways of getting freckles on a face and match the trend.

set your makeup

How to get freckles?

Well, if you have clear skin, it is not possible for you to get freckles overnight, and the only option you are left with this getting fake freckles. The Internet is flooded with several tutorials regarding how to get a freckled masterpiece.

Firstly, you need to create an even canvas and prep your skin well with matte face primer that will make your makeup last longer. Pick your foundation shade and apply it well on your skin to get a seamless finish and apply foundation with a beauty blender in dabbing and rolling motions, and it even.

To set your makeup, use face powder and use fluffy makeup brush and cover your face with it. However, consider not overdoing it but keeping it subtle as it will be your base for your faux freckles.

You can choose to make the fake freckles using your eyeliner but start with the brow pencil. Once you are done with areas you want to have freckles on now, choose for stray freckles here and there for a natural look. Lock your makeup look with setting spray so that your freckle doesn’t move a bit.

You can be choosy regarding the makeup look that you want to choose for your makeup, but choosing for more natural look would be helpful surely so that freckles can highlight more.