The black hair trend is the increasing trend nowadays and making you look fabulous. It is a perfect idea to color into black hair rather than coloring it into any other color. People having natural black hair color gets white hair once they start to age, or grey hair can also occur due to a decrease in melanin production.

We are here looking at a guide on how to keep control over the white hair and turning the white hair into black to attain the natural look. We are here looking at a guide on how to turn your hair black.

Turning your hair black!

Before you decide to get hair colored or dyed, it is better to understand what causes white hair in your scalp. Understanding the reason before would be helpful in making significant changes in your hair color and keep control over the white hairs.

black hair

You can choose chemical hair colors that consist of ammonia along with industrial agents, but it can cause severe damage to your hair health. It is better to choose for good shampoo and conditioner for keeping control over the grey hair. Avoid extrinsic causes such as pollution, dirt, and others for preserving the natural hair color.

Deficiency of vitamin B12 can make your hair turn white; however, it is a reversible condition, so consuming sufficient amounts can help you to pigment change. There are several steps that you can practice for protecting hair pigment rather than coloring the hair into black and harming your hair.

In case you have white hair in the severe condition, the only option you are left with is coloring or dyeing your hair. You can choose for semi-permanent or permanent hair color to dye white hair. For the temporary application, you can choose options like Mehendi, amla, gooseberry, and black walnuts are helpful for temporary hair color application. Choosing natural methods to color your hair is better as it is beneficial for your hair health and show minor but positive results.


In conclusion, we can say that turning white hair into black is nearly impossible, but you can keep control over them by making considerable changes. The body has certain limits, so you cannot exceed them. For making changes dyeing the white hair from black with semi-permanent or permanent colors is the only solution. It is better to consider for details mentioned above in the guide for learning about turning black hair again.