There are different types of hairstyles available with many unique styles. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to beauty. Various hair types and also styles will make you look young and also this will not show your original age out. There are a lot of short haircuts for women over 50 that you can make use of to bring a high changeover in your face.

Pixie cut with trimmed slides

To make your face look more confident and also if you have Gray hair you can make use of these kinds of haircuts which will give you away we look. The sides of your hair have to be crop so that the edges of the hair will look neat.


Feather Bob

This kind of haircut will make your hair look like a real feather because of the mix of original gray hair to it. Yeah, you can even color your hair to make the bangs look neat.

Choppy haircut

This haircut will reach up to your neck length and you can find your hair chop here and there as like messy but it looks good when you move out for a party.

Spiky cut

This kind of cut will be very much suitable for the people who have a round face and if you wear the spectacles along with that this will give you a grand and rich look.

Funky Pixie cut

Going to the party will be not only for the adults but also people more than 50 will also have commitments in their life and it is their responsibility to make them look good among the crowd. Especially when you go to a party this funky Pixie cut will give you a trendy look and also this will not show your real age out.


Asymmetrical Bob

This haircut will make you look professional and you can color your hair by hiding the gray color. One side of your hair can be tucked back to your years so that your spectacles will also show out.

Razor Pixie

This cut is being fast-moving in the market this will give you a different look. You can make use of the highlights to make your hair look elegant and this will make you look younger then actually you are.

Face framing layered haircut

This will be good for the people who have medium length hairstyles mainly for the woman who is over 50 and also wish to use spectacles along with that. This will make your chin bone to get so brooding and also this will give you a rich look. Can you make use of this hairstyle this will make your face look slim and also help you in hiding some of the problem areas in your face.

Wrapping up

If you doubt on can you wear short hair with glasses? Yes, you can wear them they will give you a bridge look and also make you look more formal.